One of the best schools for autism

The Temple Grandin School (TGS) is one of the best schools for autism.

We are a non-profit educational program providing a supportive, socially engaging educational community where neurodiverse students with autism spectrum disorder, also known as Asperger’s, can cultivate their amazing minds to recognize and realize their potential.

Why is TGS one of the best schools for children with autism?

At TGS, our daily schedule reflects thoughtful consideration of the learning needs of our students. Our unique approach makes us one of the top schools for high functioning autism, and a great support tool if you are looking for a special school for autism. We provide a balanced educational program to support students’ academic and social development. Guided by students’ strengths and interests, these two interrelated components create a strong foundation for future study and growth.

The following components of this core socio-academic program are provided to all full-time TGS students.

  • Core Academics
  • Personal Projects™
  • Phoenix Period / Flexible Study Time
  • Perspectives / Dynamic Social Situation Experience
  • Socio Group Discussions and Activities
  • Plus One Fridays / Arts, PE, World Language and Enrichment
  • Transitions & Life Skills
If you have questions or are ready to enroll your child, please complete our contact form or call us at 303-554-7363.

What is the class size

Class sizes range from 4-8 students, with an academic teacher and a support team member.

Will there be other students like my child?

Many of our students are on the autism spectrum. They are smart, funny, creative, quirky, and deep thinkers who ask a lot of questions. New students express excitement at finding students like themselves and consistently report a feeling of “finding their tribe” when they enroll at TGS. They don’t get pushed to the margins or bullied. Students make connections with each other too, and build friendships that go beyond the school day.

Who should apply to our special school for autism?

Many of our students have a diagnosis of Asperger’s or high functioning autism. Regardless of diagnosis, we accept applications from neurodiverse students who want to learn and grow in a community of like-minded peers and supportive adult mentors. For more information, see our social, academic, and behavioral criteria.

Are there schools for autism near me?

While we do not operate schools for Asperger’s in multiple states, our students come from around the US. Often, parents decide to move to Colorado for the great lifestyle, weather and outdoor activities – not just because Boulder, CO is home to one of the best schools for autism.

Why did you choose the name, Temple Grandin School?

We understand that some may have a limited association with the name Temple Grandin – others may only think of her as autistic. We see her as a unique individual that breaks the mold and transcends that label. Her autism does not define or limit her potential. Mainstream American press (Time magazine) includes her in a list of heroes. Her example reminds us that each person is unique, with talents waiting to be nurtured. She is iconic, colorful, fascinating… and someone the world is interested in. It is this thriving spirit that we want our students to emulate. Her gracious agreement to let us name a school after her has opened doors we never expected.

Is Temple Grandin involved with your school for autism?

While Dr. Grandin is not directly affiliated with our school, her educational experiences — as shared with us through her advocacy for students on the autism spectrum — are the basis of our educational model. Our program is built on mutual, trusting relationships between students and adult mentors who help students to develop their strengths and explore related career paths. Following Dr. Grandin’s advice, we also provide opportunities for our students to do real work in our school and community through volunteering, internships, and part-time employment. While you will not find Dr. Grandin roaming the halls at TGS, her influence can be felt throughout.

Final admissions decisions are at the discretion of TGS staff, and will consider the individual student’s needs as well as the needs of other members of the TGS community. For the good of all our students and families, we will only accept students we feel we can serve well.



Temple Grandin School is accredited by the National Commission on Exceptional Schools (NCES).