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Dear Future TGS Student,

School can be exhausting. Too many people, too much homework. Too noisy, too smelly, and everything moves too fast. All kids seem to care about is social media, sports, or pop culture, and the popular kids get all the breaks. To make matters worse, the classes are huge, and by the time you collect your thoughts to raise your hand and contribute to an interesting discussion, the teacher has moved on. Day after day, class after class, you feel frustrated and invisible.

But what if there could be a school that moved at your pace, full of kids who think differently, and adults who actually appreciate that? At Temple Grandin School, everything we do—from the way we start our day to the topics we choose to study—is designed with neurodivergent students in mind. Since 2011, we’ve spent over fifteen thousand hours in the company of students just like you to create a school where you feel acknowledged and included. Because school shouldn’t be exhausting – it should be invigorating. And it can be, when it’s the right school. Before you give up on school, give TGS a try!

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